Monday, December 5, 2011

3 months old!!!

My dear sweet Isabella,

You are 3 months old and growing so quickly!!! You look just like Chase did as a baby!

You are such a happy baby! You smile all of the time. You are rarely fussy. When you are fussy, you love to bounce with mommy on the big Swiss ball. Thanks for the tip Aunt JJ! Wish I would have done this with Chase!

You love to lay on your mat and look at the lights. Peek-a-boo is your favorite game to play. You absolutely love to laugh and you get tickled so easily.

You are still working on holding your head up on your own. You can do it for a few seconds and then it starts to wobble.

You still spit up quite a bit, and we continue to increase your reflux medicine. you hate the taste of your Prilosec so we switched to grape flavoring and you seem to be doing a little better with it. I mostly have to mix it in your bottles to get you yo take it.

You have slept through the night four times and we are looking forward to many more!! You usually wake up to feed around 3 am and 5:30 am. You are now officially sleeping in your crib.

I love to dress you up in all of your pretty clothes, but you are growing so fast! sometimes we put you in pretty outfits just to go to the doctor or to drop Chase off at MDO.

Chase adores you! He wakes up every morning and says "How's my little princess?" He hates to hear you fuss and immediately will say "Bella needs something!" He likes to "check" on you and he loves to help with feeding and burping you.

3 months old stats

Weight: 11 lbs 7 oz

Height: 24.5 inches (above the 97th percentile)

Clothes: 3-6 months and 6 months

Diaper: size 2